• project: Gray haze
  • place: Volgograd, Russia
  • status: 2015 [concept]
  • square: 30 m²


The project is executed together with the INHOUSE studio. The main wish of the customer was to have a chamber, relaxing environment in the apartment, where it would be expected to meet with friends, watching the match and resting after sports training, and not to be lost in a small residential area of ​​basic functions (dining area, kitchen area, sleeping area), while using only monochrome colors in interior decoration. The key element around which the entire composition is built is the bio-fireplace, the upper part of which is a glass bulk. It bears a semantic and functional load, by helping to  divide visually the open space for the dining and living room. The design also integrates a media system with home theater function. The custom-made folding sofa implies not only a full sleeper, but also a chill-out area for guests who came to see  the TV matches. In order not to "make heavier" kitchen area, the kitchen unit is deprived of upper wall cabinets, and its lower part has no any base, thereby the kitchen as it "floats" above the floor. The horizontal strip of kitchen unit is finished with the keralit, color of graphite; it decorates also the bottom part of the bio-fireplace and the adjoining wall. The loggia is combined with the kitchen and is  perfectly used as a dining room, open on three sides to the sun. Another desire of the owner  was the installation of a double Jacuzzi in the bathroom. The use of wood in the interior of the bathroom gives a feeling of warmth and comfort and dilutes the cold plane of glass, brick and granite. Built-in linear lighting gives rhythm to the space.