• place: Volzhsky, Russia
  • status: 2014 [concept]
  • square: living room, kitchen, hall 145 m²


The cottage is located in the Volgograd region, on the Akhtuba River and is designed for young couples who travel a lot. The main task of the project was to create a pure minimalist space, divided into functional areas. The living room is supposed to be used as a performance space for listening to music, playing on a piano. The hosts wanted to have a fireplace area and TV area. The living room itself has a complex shape, one of the walls is an 8-meter vertical glazing. The wooden panels in the living area have not only aesthetic, but also   sound-proof effect. One of the panels is a door with a rotary opening mechanism  leading to the dining room and a service room. In the living room the focus is on  finishing the surfaces of wood and concrete, these materials  well emphasize the geometry of space. The frameless modular sofa for the living room Edra «On the rocks» is very comfortable and can work on three sides (watch TV, listen to the small improvised concerts and enjoy a part of the garden). At the request of owners the modular elements of the sofa are convertible into puffs, thereby allowing to"clean" the center of the room and comply it with the changing needs.