• project: Wheat fields
  • place: Moscow, Russia
  • status: 2015 [Realization]
  • square: 212 m²


Apartments for couples in an apartment building in Moscow.
The complexity of the project is that the other designers were engaged in it before, and it was necessary to make adjustments to already prepared layout, without being able to change it radically. Having given us initially the freedom of expression, the customer has set  a number of problems to be solved in a functional and aesthetic context.
The main objectives were:
1. The apartment evoke associations with nature (a wheat field on the background of a blue spring sky);
2. The use of  two accent colors: blue and red;
3. The use of only natural materials;
4. Decrease in the number of light sources, changes in  light of the project design;
5. Visually divide an open, elongated, poorly lit with natural light room into the space of the living area, dining room and lounge with an area dedicated to a study;
6. All rooms should be functional.